Tutoring, Etc.


After we’ve talked about your child’s particular situation, I might suggest you get a tutor. If that’s the case, I can suggest lots of ways for you to find tutoring help.

Sometimes you really just need to find a good tutor, not a counselor. And sometimes the reverse is true. And sometimes you need both. Or neither. My job is to help you figure it out when you’re just not sure WHAT you can do to help your child.

Also, it’s important to know that tutoring comes in many forms — some free, some low-cost, some costly. The kind of assistance your student may need will depend on his or her problem and on services available where you live.

I’ve got LOTS of helpful things to say about tutors and tutoring, but since this website is just getting started, I can’t get it all down in print right now. Meanwhile you can contact me with questions.