About Marilyn

Marilyn L. Nemzer, M.A., Credentialed School Counselor


Here’s a very brief overview of who I am –– and some of my thoughts and experiences related to student performance, counseling and tutoring.

I was a middle school counselor for seven years before I got married –– and was a high school teacher before that. As a mom at home, I directed a tutoring service and spent endless hours on the telephone with distraught and frustrated parents who wanted SO much to help their kids who were not having successful academic experiences. Sometimes it was about a highly motivated student having problems in just one or two classes. Sometimes it was a student who was doing poorly across the board… every class. Sometimes it was a “homework problem.”

From my years of working with teachers, parents, and students –– and as a member of my local county board of education –– I’ve learned that sometimes (and often) the right answer is finding the right tutor. (And finding the right tutor is actually not that hard – I have lots of suggestions for you on this subject.) But sometimes getting a tutor is just not the whole answer. And sometimes the answer isn’t really tutoring at all. To know what will help with school problems is not always easy to figure out, and navigating school resources can be a challenge. That’s where I come in. I can talk to you about your options –– your realistic options –– and your child’s options.

You can email me, mnemzer at –– or give me a call: 415-435-4574. Together we can decide if I can help you with your school-related problem.

If you want to read more about me before deciding whether or not to get in touch, you can click here to see my full resume.